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The CM brand, was introduced on December 7, 2013 in Praia, with a show room in Palmarejo.
This clothing brand is developed by young designer Cindy Monteiro. She develops a line of classic clothes, based on her roots, adding to the environment where she lived giving them a very sober touch, associating glamor and elegance, but also the bivalence that exists between the strength and sensitivity of women.

She has been the Cape Verde First Lady ( Lígia Dias Fonseca)  fashion designer; and by it she had the chance to send to the last United State First Lady: Michelle Obama, who kindly sent her a letter thanking
her for the dress.


Registered by the trademark registration: Institute for Quality and Intellectual Property Management as: 00002170/2013/MN/MP/25 registered on June 19, 2013, At Praia - Cabo Verde. 

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